You may not know us, but we are here.  And you may not know who we are, but we exist.  My friends, we are here for your good.  What do I mean when I say this?  Well, that is simple: We strive to redevelop our understanding of being human.  

I will keep this post short as it is only our first one, but know that we have been at this a while.  As a team we have fought not only to survive in this world, but also have fought hard to maintain our humanness.  I realize you might not know where we are, but heed our words...our writings...and our content, as we construct it in the interest of molding us all into better humans.

Please join us in our Norde Tribe–people of the North.  We care deeply for you, and want you to understand us further.  Take care in the Golden Age you are apart of, be mindful of us as we develope truth, and be patient with us as we try to understand you further.  

This is all for now.  I wish we could write longer, but I am afraid concise words are far more meaningful.  Be well.

Until next time,

Norde Tribe


Jonathon Engelien

    I grew up in the valley of Central Wisconsin, in an area straddling a post-industrial world and seemingly untamed wilderness.  The harsh winters of the Upper Midwest, the liturgical display of seasons, and the economic and social decay of the region fostered my interest in survivalism and post-apocalyptic imagery. 

    I create in the framework of an idea I call Apocalyptic Nostalgia. I defined it as: The comforting and painful longing for the past and a destructive future, both as a means of understanding as well as coping with the present.  My artwork converges both the realities of nostalgic, comforting materials, with harsh, apocalyptic, and yet to happen sensibilities.  My artwork blurs the lines between fiction and reality.  It offers a setting for the viewer’s suspensions of disbelief, with the goal of intrinsic thought and meditation.  The work straddles the real and the unreal as it pretends to exist and come out of a post-apocalyptic world.

    Apocalyptic Nostalgia relates or depicts the natural world and/or human experience in it.  It is concerned deeply in paradoxes, with ideas such as survival, human endeavor, camaraderie, identity, individualism, community, vastness, intimacy, longing, rest, contentment, loss, safety, danger, hope, hopelessness, future, past, myth, reality, sacred, secular, longevity and destruction.