How We Came to Be

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota


Growing up around the Upper Great Lakes we knew two things about the place we called home. First, this region was “flyover territory”, utterly uninteresting to an East and West coast obsessed nation, and two, we loved the landscapes, culture, and people of our harsh but beautiful states.  

Norde Tribe was yet to have an official name, but a group of us in college met to discuss the broader ideas behind what it meant for us to be human in both our local and global communities.  For about six months out of the year, the winters of the North created the perfect environment for us to mull over such things.  Norde Tribe was born, as a space for us to combine our interests in the landscape of the region, post-apocalyptic media, and contemporary art.  

Our vision for Norde Tribe is to create an aesthetic and culture for the region we call home, namely the states around the Upper Great Lakes.  By creating a new mythology for the North we seek to reveal through fiction the human elements of living in this place.  We have created a world absent of contemporary society and create a blank slate for our mullings to become a reality.